The Rules

Basic Rules of the Centre
• No child(ren) can be left without a parent in attendance.
• Parents are always responsible for the safety and supervision of their child(ren).
• Please do not bring your child(ren) if they are unwell and contact us as soon as possible.
• Relatives and friends can only attend if they are named on the referral form.
• A child can only be taken from the Centre during a visit if it is stated on the referral form.
• We have no facilities for pets, so please do not bring them.
• We operate a no smoking policy.
• Anyone suspected of being under the influence of or carrying alcohol / drugs will not be allowed admittance. Please ask to see our alcohol policy.
• Video, still photography or the use of mobile phones are not permitted in or within the premises. Should you bring any equipment you will be asked to leave it in a designated place and we will not be held liable for any loss or damage.
• Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and those involved will be asked to leave.
• Please tell us if you make other arrangements for contact or if you will not be coming on a particular day.

We would ask that parents keep us informed:-
• Should there be a change of address or telephone/mobile numbers.
• If there are any medical conditions or changes that we should be aware of.
• If you are going to be late or unable to attend, contact mobile 07797-798192 or 07797-780188 as soon as possible.
• If your child/ren fall ill please notify us as soon as possible on 07797-798192 or 07797-780188.
• Please do not ask the volunteers or your children to pass notes or maintenance to the other parent.

We operate the following policies:
• Confidentiality Policy
• Child Protection Policy
• Data Protection
• Health and Safety Policy
• Domestic Violence Policy
• Complaints Procedure
• Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
• Alcohol Policy

For further information on any of the above policies please ask a volunteer for the policy file which is available to all centre users.

In the Event of an Emergency
• There are two fire exits on either side of the Hall please make your way outside by using one of these exits as quickly as possible.
• If you are in the toilets or staff room please use the nearest fire exit.
• Make your way to the top fenced playground and await further instructions.
• Do not return to the hall or the building under any circumstances.
• Our volunteers will be on hand and the duty manager or co-ordinator will check everybody has vacated the building.
• Listen to the volunteer’s instructions at all times and do not leave the vicinity or wonder off.
• The co-ordinator or duty manager will tell you when it is safe to return to the building.